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Oosthuizen family

A family dream come true

Since immigrating from South Africa to the USA in 2008 in search of opportunities for a better future, we as a family (Johan, Marlene, and Nicó Oosthuizen) have had our fair share of challenges to overcome.


Yet, we never gave up and kept on working towards our goal to create a better life for generations to come. And so, the vision for our ranch was born. In 2018, after acquiring the perfect piece of fertile land in the heart of Tennessee, our new goal was set to provide top class Miniature Hereford cattle and Boer goats.

 As we hold on to our tradition of hard work and dedication to one another and the community, our goal took on a new aspect. Why shouldn't we share the beauty of nature's design experienced in a farm-raised steak? Families all over America deserve to be properly nourished. And so, our meat market was born.


We take pride in how far we have come and strive to help others reach their goals by applying our knowledge, dedication, and family values into our daily tasks on White Buffalo Ranch. We're excited that you made it here and invite you to join hands in our mission towards wholesome, sustainable living for everyone!

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