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Steven Hyden, TN

“It's awesome to have a local beef supplier you can trust, with all the additives and fake food floating around in grocery stores these days. If you are looking for quality, all natural meats at a reasonable price, this is the place for you."


How does your beef compare to the grocery store's? You'll notice the difference as soon as you lay your eyes on the package. The darker color of the meat (especially noticeable in ground beef) indicates the density of nutrition, purity of preparation, and flavor saturation of grass-fed beef. Meat labeled as "Product of USA" in the store could come from various foreign countries (pieces of different cows in one package!), as long as it was packaged in the US. With our product, you'll know how your cow was raised, and that it came straight from our ranch to your kitchen (without the need to wash/bleach the meat).

Why is the deposit non-refundable? ● The deposit is non-refundable. Remember, when your animal is reserved, we make an appointment with our USDA processor, deliver the reserved animal for processing, have the meat dry-aged for 14 to 21 days, and return to the processor to pick up your beef. We then store your beef in our freezers as we prepare to deliver it to your door. We only have so many animals to offer our valued customers, so we need to assure all our steers reach one of our valued customers in a timely fashion. Customers do not buy their beef at the same time, so we only process an animal when a request is made to buy our beef. ● Remember the meat has a shelf life. We must deliver our meat shortly after processing to give all our customers up to a year to cook and enjoy their meat safely. If someone decides to not complete the purchase, we are under pressure to find a new customer as soon as possible to assure they have plenty of time to enjoy their beef. If we are unable to find another customer, we risk losing the beef. We love and respect our cattle too much, and are thankful for each one. We are not prepared to see any of these animals wasted. ● We thank you for your business and for understanding the important need for this policy.

Can I track my order? Yes. We keep you updated while your box is in transit to your home. You will also get a last-minute notice when it's about to arrive.

Do you give your cattle antibiotics? We never use sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We do, on rare and necessary occasions, use antibiotics to treat sick animals, but these animals are removed from the meat program and will never end up on your plate.

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