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Originally bred in South Africa, the Boer goat is the most productive meat goat in the world. They are raised across southern Africa as well as in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and elsewhere. Afrikaner farmers (Boers) originally crossbred various European and Indian goat breeds to create an ideal meat goat. Prized for their size, rapid weight gain, docility, carcass quality and hardiness, they make an ideal breed when looking for those qualities, even when a Boer buck is bred to other breeds. The does, known for their kidding qualities, frequently bear twins and sometimes triplets, and can kid three times within a two-year span.

At White Buffalo Ranch, we keep the tradition of the Boer goat alive. Breeding the famous red/brown head and white body, we focus on keeping their natural qualities as well. Breeding does with feminine appearances, slim body, and wide hips for easy kidding, we believe that a doe should be an excellent mother to her kids, especially out on the pasture. When it comes to our bucks, we believe size does matter!  Big sturdy chest and front legs, and strong back legs are a must a, and so is a solid head with a muscular neck to tie it all together.  Our Boer goats should be able to walk easily, get up and reach leaves, and survive out on the pasture with ease, just as nature intended. We take pride in treating all our goats as part of the family at White Buffalo Ranch, with love and care.









boer buck buckling_edited.jpg

April '24 buckling

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