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Feed your family
grass-fed  beef for a month!

To promote our next harvest, we're offering one lucky subscriber a 1/8 beef, straight to their door.

Fill your family's freezer with nourishing, farm-raised meat (Up to 60 lb).

Your entry is in! We'll be in touch soon.

Warning: This is a LOT of beef! Not for anyone with a tiny freezer space, or anyone who doesn't appreciate American farm-raised meat from a trustworthy source!

Steven Hyden, TN

“It's awesome to have a local beef supplier you can trust, with all the additives and fake food floating around in grocery stores these days. If you are looking for quality, all natural meats at a reasonable price, this is the place for you."

Who We Are

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White Buffalo Ranch is a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Tennessee.

It all started with a father and son's family dream: a vision of peaceful self-sufficiency on the farm. A few years later, our vision began to include sharing our tranquility and bounty, through providing exceptionally crafted animal products across America.

Today, we work together to lay the foundation for our dream, piece by piece.

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